Hi, I’m Paul. Husband to one, dad to three, miniature zookeeper, and a documentary wedding photographer in Kent.

I married my best friend, Claire, 14 years ago. And if you’re about to do the same, you’ve already won the jackpot (marrying your best friend I mean; not Claire, she’s taken).

We live in our perpetually noisy house in Kent with our three children, Aidan (classic stroppy teenager), Niamh (intelligent, sassy; running rings round us at 9) and Beth (feistiest, youngest and easily the funniest). We also have Oreo the cat, Sandy the hamster and the newest member of our family, Rosie our red fox lab. So between the 8 of us, our house is never ever quiet, which I secretly kinda love.

Cards on the table time, I’m not remotely the cool photographer type. I love an old man pub, a kitchen disco with a bottle of wine, and -as the final nail in my coolness coffin- I’ve recently got strangely addicted to Gogglebox!

I hate bullies. I love self-effacing people, and anyone who’d rather make fun of themselves than others. I basically just like nice people, you know?!

I’m often told there’s “a calmness” to my work (it’s quite weird actually, I hear it all the time!) And I think it’s because I’m generally just a calm, cheerful, fairly quiet guy, and calmness is infectious. But whatever the reason, there seems to be something about me that puts people at ease. And on a day when emotions are running high and everything’s moving at a million miles an hour, a little bit of calm might not be such a bad thing.



Jodie and Darren

The past twelve months was a year of stunning weddings for me, click the video to watch some highlights.

The privilege of being a wedding photographer

I lost my mum eight years ago, although it feels like three, tops. She hated having her picture taken, and one of the only photos I do have of her was taken on my wedding day. At the time it was just one of many photos, in amongst the group shots, the details and the dancefloor antics. Now that photo means everything.

It’s never lost on me how much value your photos will gather over time. How they’ll shape your memories of one of the best days of your lives. Or how one of the photos I’ve taken might one day become the most precious thing in the world.

I don’t think the photos should be the sole purpose of the day. But if you choose me as your wedding photographer, I’ll do everything I can to capture your day with all the honesty and care it deserves.