“When Nadia and her sister were little, their mum use to have them waiting for me by the front door. Every day when I came home from work, they would jump into my arms as I walked in, it was always the favourite part of my day”

I could see it as he was speaking, I could see that in his minds eye he was back there, walking through the door to his children. Because you know what it can be hard for dad’s sometimes, it can be hard for us to say what we feel. Here we are, trying to be strong, trying to keep things level for our children and our families in a world that seems to want to turn us all upside down, when inside our hearts are exploding with love, with devotion for our kids, when all we want to do is protect them from it. But it’s one of the great things about weddings, because you know what, it gives us a chance to say what we really feel, to show how we really feel about one another. I spoke about this not long ago but I’m not sure if it’s because I have 2 daughters myself but ever since they were born I’ve always found myself drawn towards the father of the bride whilst I’m working. Every now and again I’ll find my mind wandering, imagining myself in 20 years time in their position, and I have to be honest, in those moments I kind of want to stop time, or at least slow it down a bit.

“From the very first meeting with Paul we were made to feel special, not just that we were another couple that he was photographing. Paul took the time to get to know us, our style and vision for the day. We both feel uncomfortable in front on the camera but on our wedding day we didn’t even notice Paul in amongst our guests snapping us and the whole day. The photos Paul captured are not only beautiful, but captured the emotion of the day, the personalities of our guests and the little moments that we will cherish for a lifetime. I can’t believe looking at the photos that that’s really us! I cannot recommend Paul more highly.”

Here’s the full story of Nadia and Kenny’s elegant, natural and relaxed wedding held at the really lovely Cripps Barn in Gloucester.

Cripps Barn Welcome to our wedding sign Cake and flowers at Cripps Barn Wedding flowers by Scarlet Violet Cripps Barn Wedding dress by Karen Holmes Bride having makeup Wedding guest Bride during make up Bridesmaid getting ready Bride having wedding make up Bride putting wedding dress on Bride putting wedding dress on Brides wedding dress Bride getting out of car Wedding dress Bride walking in to Cripps Barn Groom hugging mother of the bride Groom smiling Groom hugging family member Grooms hand on shoulder of his best man Wedding guests groom laughing with his best man Groom waiting at front Bridesmaids walking down the aisle Bride walking down the aisle at Cripps Barn Groom looking at bride Bride holding her fathers hand Mother of bride Father of bride Bride and groom holding hands Relaxed wedding photography Cripps Barn Mother of bride watching wedding service Groom saying his wedding vows Bride looking at Groom Mother of the groom Mother of the groom holding father of the grooms hand Natural wedding photography at Cripps Barn Bride hugging groom after wedding ceremony Wedding guests Bride and wedding guests Father of the bride hugging the groom Bride and groom signing wedding register Cripps Barn Gloucester Wedding Photography Bride and groom walking down the aisle Bridesmaid laughing Champagne at wedding Wedding guests blowing bubbles Wedding bubbles instead of confetti Wedding bubbles rather than confetti Wedding guest blowing bubbles young wedding guest with wedding bubbles bride hugging bridesmaid Bridesmaid crying Natural wedding candid photography at Cripps Barn Wedding guests laughing Bride and groom posing for portraits bride placing hand on chest of groom Natural wedding Cripps Barn Bride and groom waling arm in arm Bride and groom posing in archway for wedding photography at Cripps Barn woodland wedding portrait Bride and Groom portrait at Cripps Barn Bride and groom posing in field Wedding photography in Gloucester of bride and groom Wedding couple Wedding guests having their dinner Wedding cake and flowers Wedding sweets table Wedding guest book Sweeties Dahling sign Old wedding photos Bride walking in to applause Groom smiling Father of the bride giving his wedding speech Wedding guest laughing at speech Bride wiping tear away Groom laughing during speech Bride hugging her father after his speech Groom giving wedding speech Young wedding guest Groom laughing with guests Relaxed wedding Cripps Barn Wedding Bouquet by Scarlet Violet Florist Natural Cripps Barn Wedding portrait of bride and Groom Emotional wedding photography in Gloucester Bride at Cripps Barn Bride and Groom posing for natural wedding portrait at Cripps Barn Tree OJs Soul Band Wedding guests dancing Cripps Barn