I’m not sure there can be many better settings for a wedding day than Camber Sands on a glorious sunny day can there? The Gallivant Hotel in Rye has this really cool kind of beach shack vibe going on which I really liked and I have to say ,when the weather is on your side, this place is just a stunning choice for a wedding.

Anyone who’s grown up in Kent or Sussex has to have visited Camber Sands right?, I can remember vividly my mum and dad taking me and my brother there when we were kids, about 8 or 9 I think, and the two of us wandering off and getting lost in the sand dunes. We were actually found by a lifeguard playing in the sand as my parents frantically searched the beach. It’s just one of those memories that has always stuck with me. Me and my wife have taken our kids there loads of times, (I always keep an eagle eye on them by the way!), so it felt kind of right to be shooting in this place I’ve always known so well.

Chris and Gemma like all the couples I work with wanted their wedding day to be relaxed and fun and you know what, they got exactly that.


Sign for The Gallivant Wedding venue Black and white photo of bride getting ready for her wedding Bride looking in to mirror before her wedding Back of wedding dress Bride waiting for start of wedding ceremony at The Gallivant Bride walking with her father Groom laughing before wedding ceremony Close up of grooms hands Bride walking down the aisle with her father Bride and Groom holding hands Bride laughing during the wedding service Groom placing wedding ring on the bride Bride and Groom first kiss Bride and Groom having confetti thrown on them outside The Gallivant in Camber Wedding guests walking towards the drinks reception on Camber Sands Bride and Groom walking on Camber Sands Wedding guests drinking at The Gallivant Bridesmaid and flower girl hugging Brides wedding dress Bride and Groom at The Gallivant Wedding venue Wedding portrait on Camber Sands Camber Sands wedding photography Portrait of bride holding her wedding bouquet The Gallivant Wedding Bride and Groom on beach Close up of bride and groom hugging Bride and groom kissing Groom laughing Wedding portrait of bride and groom hugging Bride holding her wedding flowers at The Gallivant Wedding couple walking across Camber Sands Wedding Bouquet and reception room for The Gallivant Wedding venue Young wedding guests laughing Groom lauhging during the father of the brides speech Groom toasting bridesmaids Groom laughing during best mans speech Young wedding guest giving the thumbs up First Dance at the Gallivant Bride and Groom at Sunset at The Gallivant Bride and Groom holding hands at sunset